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About Kenya

For many years Kenya is a receiving home of Safaris. With its unique biodiversity ranging from wildlife to its rich cultural heritage Kenya has attracted many adventurers from all over the World. The spirit of the Safari lives in Kenya on today. The romance of sundown drinks, of evenings around a campfire and nights under canvas with the distant roar of a lion in the African night can still be found in Kenya.
The lure of Kenya has always been distinctive and similar, the sheer variety of landscape, wildlife, human local cultures and enticing experience. No other African country can boast such diversity within its parameters. Inside Kenya a lot  you will discover and  explore including  snow capped peaks and rolling savannah, the vast sand beaches and tropical rainforest, giant herds of African elephants and flocks of countless flamingo, nomadic tribesmen (Kikuyus and Massai)  and dhow sailors, and much more that is very rewarding


Kenya’s diverse wildlife is unmatched anywhere else in the world. Kenya is a country with the outstanding world’s remaining big population of big cats; big mammals and plains game still roam free in their natural habitats. Besides being the home of the ‘Big Five’ including Lion, Elephant, Rhino, Leopard and Buffalo, Kenya holds an  industrious dung beetles, brilliant-colourful  butterflies, very rare chameleons, countless birds species and so much more in terms of fauna and flora .

The country’s terrain ranges from rugged snow capped peaks of Mt. Kenya, the Highlands, the Savannah, the Great Rift Valley and its lakes as well as the simmering sands of the Coast. Each of these regions is home to different types of wildlife that are unique to each area.

With a total of over 50 National Parks and Reserves, Kenya spells out a lot in terms of biodiversity including Marine Parks. These are supplemented game ranches and private wildlife sanctuaries which form about 10%t of Kenya’s surface area. The most popular Parks & Reserves are Maasai Mara, Samburu, Tsavo East and West, Amboseli, and Lake Nakuru.

Kenya’s geographical diversity is born of the Great Rift Valley, an awesome natural serene that bisects Kenya. An age old route for both human and animal migration, the floor of the rift is home of freshwater and soda lakes, boasting its own unique wildlife ecosystem.  Soda lakes are habitats for a large population of birds, the tourists can witness the astonishing and the beautiful spectacle of flamingos gathering together to feed and breed.

The Great Wildebeest Migration, considered to be one of the world’s most impressive natural spectacles, takes place between the Maasai Mara on one side and the Serengeti in Tanzania on the other.

Culture and language

Kenya has over 42 different tribes with distinct languages and several dialects. With over nine communities whose dialects gave the basis of the Kiswahili language as Kenya’s official language being the gateway to East Africa each ethnicity has a diverse and contrasting way of life style, you will encounter different and fascinating cultures such as the Maasai to the South, the Swahili along the Coast, the Samburu to the North and many others.

There are four villages in the initiative (Enkererei, Hardrock, Enkutoto and Ilkinye) and they have witnessed a 70% increase in revenue collection over the past period. The villages are using their newly captured tourism income to improve their livelihood in areas of education, water and sanitation among others

The colourful mixture of people and cultures that have defied Kenya as a viable tourist destination especially for visitors that are looking forward to explore and learn about the life style of the local communities living within Kenya.

Sandy Beaches

The Kenyan Coast is a distinctive part of Kenya’s unrivalled tourism attractions. Its white sandy beaches stretch for over 300 miles from South to North, bordered by a spectacular coral barrier reef with wonders of underwater explorations. The coast has a protective coral reef, creating calm waters that are ideal for swimming and water sports. The Coast also offers plenty of water sport adventures such as sailing, windsurfing, water skiing and kayaking among others