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Activities for Africa- Uganda school trips include preparation, community projects and winding down adventure and safari activities

Uganda students safari

Uganda students safari

Community projects

Give back to your host community in Uganda by working on community projects that enrich the local area

The project phase of the Uganda school trip is typically 4-7 days spent working alongside a local Ugandan community organization or project. Each destination in Uganda has its own range of projects, but all offer the chance to contribute something meaningful back to a local area through your work. Many school community projects are based in rural and remote areas on Uganda like Iganga, Jinja, Kamuli, Mayuge, Masaka, Gulu, where visiting students live and interact with local people. Teams become familiar with the community and are immersed in daily life and Ugandan traditions, offering an unrivaled authentic African cultural experience.

Our school trip work tasks in Uganda include:

Renovating school facilities; building additional school classrooms, teacher housing, dormitories or toilet blocks; establishing a clean water supply; designing playgrounds; planting vegetable gardens; mending or putting up fencing; building traditional housing for vulnerable members of a community, planting trees, running sports activities.

If you would like to make the project the focus of your Uganda school trip, we have a number of established projects in Uganda where you can spend an extended duration of one to two weeks. Here you contribute to a longer-term objective and have the chance to properly settle into daily life with an African community.

Chill out with some downtime 

This phase of your Uganda school trip is designed to let the team unwind and enjoy cultural and adventure activities. Depending on your interests, you could go white water rafting in Jinja, Low-key activities like relaxing on a beach, swimming or exploring on a Kampala or Jinja city tour. Every town in Uganda has some form of local market for souvenir hunting, so there is always an excuse to shop. Most teams like to go away on the 3 day wild life safari at Queen Elizabeth Nationl Park or Murchison Falls Park, the choice is yours. Get up at first light for the chance to catch a glimpse of some of Africa’s most elusive animals, from Rhinos to Lions, Elephants Giraffes, Crocodiles, Hippos and much more. Seeing them in their own domain on the vast African Savannah is a humbling experience

Typically, this phase of your Uganda students trip falls at the end of your itinerary, allowing you to reflect on the achievements of the expedition during some downtime. However, Uganda has a lot of potential activities spread across the country that you may find there are options to intersperse your itinerary with a few bits. Safety of our visiting student teams is paramount, so for all of our technical activities we have approved suppliers and we are confident to put you in their hands.


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