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Help conservation in Uganda-Tell others about your Uganda trip

Conservation in Uganda

Conservation in Uganda

Conservation in Uganda and Africa as a whole is mainly dependents upon tourism. In order to ensure that key Ugandan wild areas and authentic cultures remain under conservation we need to find a way to double the numbers of people going on tours in Uganda, safaris over the next decade. So the more you can do to help tell others the better.

Whilst our major focus in Uganda is conservation and using tourism for community development, we also make no secret of the fact that we are a commercial Ugandan travel company. If you have travelled with Msafiri tours already and feel happy to recommend our company, we really would appreciate that. Fortunately this happens rather a lot and that is how we have stayed n work for all these years.

We are hugely grateful to all you who have recommend us to their friends and colleagues, other orgnisatons, schools and more. Word of mouth endorsement is the biggest tool for us success. Please work with us to work hard to try to convey to the world that travel to Uganda and Africa protect these wonderful wild places and conserves authentic cultures and customs for future generations.


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