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Disability travel in Uganda

Most parts of Uganda are not geared up for caring for people with disabilities compared to other parts of the world like Europe and USA.

Most areas in Uganda are not wheelchair friendly in the conventional sense, there are no smooth surfaces, ramps or lifts on which to get around. But there is plenty of willingness to help from the local people and the Ugandan muscle power to make things happen.
That is not much of a solution to wheelchair users who just want to get around Uganda quietly and take part in projects on their own, but Africa-Uganda forces us all to step out of our comfort zones from time to time for the better.

Needing help and giving help is a sure way to make friends in Uganda.

If you are concerned that a disability might restrict your ability to travel, then the best thing to do is Contact Msafiri tours and tell us about your particular circumstances and we work with you to build a trip which suits your personal needs


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