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Having specialised in affordable group tours to Uganda for the last nearly 10 years, we are very proud to have developed a wonderful customer base of repeat travellers from UK and all over the world who recommend our Uganda tour services to their friends, colleagues, schools and groups. Whether our customers travel just once to Africa-Uganda as a special celebration holiday, or go back every year as individuals or as part of a group, our aim is for every  Msafiri tours holiday or group trip to be perfect, every time. Listed below are just some Uganda tour safari reviews we have received from our customers visiting Uganda in the past.

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"Msafiri Tours ....... Their Motto is 'More than just an average Safari' and they truly live up to that ! A wonderful experience in every way with a great team looking after you from start to finish ! Don't just take my word for it .....experience all that Msafiri Tour's has to offer for yourselves. Can't wait to do it again. Thank you Denis and all your great team."
Kate White
Can’t thank you enough for the brilliant time we had in Uganda. From spending a whole day in a local school to seeing elephants, lions and leopards in the wild, it was an unforgettable 2 weeks. Great food, great accommodation and fantastic tour guides, an experience everyone should do :-)  
Suzy Web-England
"Our trip to Uganda was a truly life changing experience, which I will never forget. The places we went to and the people I met gave me a different outlook on life. The water well which we placed in a village will make a massive difference in those people’s lives. However, there is still so much more that needs to be done to make life better for those people, so I wouldn’t be surprised if in a couple of years’ time, I went back to Uganda to do it all again!"
Bradly Durrant-UK
Thank you sooooo much for the amazing experience, loved every minute! Hope all okay with you.
Vanessa Redwood-England
Thank you for giving my daughter Lola from Liskeard School such an amazing experience. Can’t wait to see her and hear about their adventures!  
Stephanie Trendall-Cornwall
My good friend Denis has asked me for a few words about my experience of his company Msafiri tours, which I am more than happy to share. I am responsible for Cultural Enrichment at a rurally isolated secondary school in Devon. With the help of Msafiri Tours I have led four very successful student trips to Uganda since 2002 as well as organized 5 staff visits. The groups have been large, 40+ has been the norm. Msafiri Tours has organized every aspect of our travel in Uganda: safely driven coaches, value but quality accommodation, city and rural projects and tourist activities, musical performances, sports matches, school links and of course the obligatory game drive. I and my students have discovered that a little bit of Africa enriches our lives. Friends have been made, many joyous experiences had as well as challenges to one’s world view. Msafiri tours has helped in preparing students for their extraordinary experience 4000 miles from home, so they look ahead and travel with open minds. I also insist on no mobiles, games consoles, music players or internet as students open their eyes to the world around them; they keep a daily journal recording the sights, sounds and feelings they meet with. If you are considering a visit to the Pearl, then be warned that it is hard work but extremely rewarding. Lives can truly be changed, future plans influenced (I have had former students travelers tell me that the trip has influenced career or higher education decisions). My colleagues think I am mad to do what I do, but aside from the huge satisfaction that I get from just observing the faces of my students, it is the sense of perspective I get on life back at the chalk-face in the UK that makes me keep returning to Msafiri Tours and saying “I am contemplating another trip”. James - See more at:
James Cookson-Devon
I have just come back from taking 29 Year 10 students to Uganda with Msafiri Tours. I have to say their service was exemplary; their knowledge and ability to adapt to our group was superb. They all had a great sense of humor and our drivers were second to none. As a teacher, I need an organization which can deal with students, meet their needs and give them a real African experience. The community work that our group accomplished has changed the way they think and enabled them to develop as individuals. To finish our time in Uganda, we went on safari to the Queen Elizabeth Game Park – fantastic experience and great wildlife. I will definitely use Msafiri Tours for our next African adventure - See more at:
Nicky Hubbert UK
Hi Denis and Barbara! I just had to message you both to thank you massively for all you’ve done for Brad over the past couple of weeks (and all you normally do of course!!) He had THE most fantastic time with you in Uganda and Steve and I are so grateful for the love and care that has been shown to him, by yourselves, the group, your team and generally the folk he met….heartfelt thanks. It looks and sounds like the trip was everything and so much more than was hoped for and I do pray that it was a blessing to the Suubi Clinic, school and hospital too. The pictures were totally brilliant! Enjoy the rest of your stay. Please pass our thanks to your team and we’ll see you when you get back….sadly to a very wet and chilly Taunton!! God bless
Tracy Durrant
If I HAD to sum up my amazing Ugandan experience in a few lines it would go something like this: sunshine, chapattis, poverty, happy black faces, “Jambo”, friends, little hands, children singing, respect, rain, pineapple, green, beauty, deet, geckos, fun, teamwork, clean water, rice, chips, fantastic scenery, safari, euphorbia, missing the hubby, bikes, boda bodas, bananas, and loads of wonderful memories!! Asant sana everyone who helped make our trip so wonderful.
Jackie Bedford UK


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