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Meet our Uganda tours team

Denis Kigongo Victor – Founder Director

Hi! My name is Denis Kigongo Victor, the head tour guide and founder of Msafiri Tours. I was born and educated in Uganda where I developed a love for wildlife and our beautiful culture.

In 1999, I came to England to study and since then, I have lived and worked between both countries. I started Msafiri Tours to offer an alternative for people who wanted to see Africa, meet the people, see the culture and  the wildlife, but also make a difference as they did so.

My team and I are always on the hunt for new destinations and new projects to support and develop, and most importantly, to make a difference. We are pioneering new and exciting travel experiences in Uganda and in East Africa in a responsible and sustainable way.

Msafiri Tours is all about adventure, exploring authentic destinations and sharing exciting life changing experiences.

I look forward to meeting all you on one of our tours – become a Msafiri (An East African traveler) with us today!

I would like to thank you for your continued support and making what we do so very worthwhile.

Barbara K Victor – General Manager

Barbara has an immense passion for travelling. Her background is in media and journalism. She has won awards throughout East Africa, for her work with Uganda Broadcasting Services. Barbara has traveled to different places in the world including Tanzania, Mali, Zambia, Kenya, Ethiopia, China, the Netherlands and the UK, but her love of Uganda always brings her back to the sunny Pearl of Africa. Over the years, she has worked on a number of volunteer projects and dedicated her time and energy working with our volunteers at improving the lives of the many people in the communities we support.

Her passion for helping and developing communities in East Africa is one she shares with Msafiri Tours. She always has a smile on her face is always on hand to support the safari groups and guide those on placements with us to ease them into the culture. She is an absolute gem

Stephanie Dao – USA Area coordinator

Stephanie acquired her Bachelor of Arts in Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations and a minor in Anthropology from California State University, Fullerton in Southern California, USA.

During her college career, she found her passion in making things happen on a global and personal level in her work for non-profit and cause-orientated organizations. After graduating with her B.A., Stephanie fulfilled a life-long dream and embarked on a journey to East Africa, where she spent a month working intimately with the local Ugandan community to help develop various community projects and provide supplies for a school, a medical clinic, and a vocational center for needy African youth.

Upon her return to America, she realized she wanted to continue expanding her horizons by working for a meaningful organization that made a difference in the lives of people. Stephanie joined the Msafiri Tours team as a U.S. Area Coordinator in November 2012, and has been thrilled to find the rewards of advocating sustainable travel and recruiting volunteers.

Stephanie’s passion is found in her desire to explore, learn, and create a meaningful difference in the lives of others. By sharing her experience and knowledge with others, she hopes to educate and inspire more people to do the same

Kelley Louise – Media consultant

Kelley graduated from The New School in New York City with her Bachelor of arts in Media & Culture with an emphasis in communicative design. Her education is rooted in journalism: she received her associates from Palomar College in San Diego, California.

Passionate about travel and helping others, Kelley believes media is a way to exponentially multiply the efforts of those volunteering abroad. With an avid interest in learning about peoples’ lives, Kelley has traveled to 23 countries in an effort to document cultures through her writing, photography and design.

Kelley joined the Msafiri team in 2013 and, during a month-long trip to Uganda, she fell in love with the country and its people. She currently lives in Brooklyn, New York

Geoffrey Kirunda – driver/guide

Geoffrey is a driver/guide in Uganda. He never misses pointing out a site of interest, a beautiful bird in a bush, a chameleon on the road which we would easily  miss, or a lion in the distance which could only be seen through binoculars! He will regale you with anecdotes from his extensive travel expeditions and use his experience to show you the parts of Uganda that many do not get to see. He is an engaging and charming guide whose knowledge and experience is greatly valued at Msafiri

Remmy Kityo – Senior driver/tour guide

I am a safari driver and guide in Uganda with Msafiri Tours and I have a passion for nature which helps me to connect people to the jungle life. I feel privileged to take people on safari. I started doing this job as soon as I finished my industrial design degree at Nkumba University in Uganda and over the years, I have acquired lots of skills and knowledge of Uganda, its people and wildlife.

At Msafiri Tours, we are like one big family, partly because the founder director is my older brother, but also because I love the people I work with, and I love the animals I work around in the field

Musa Mutebi – Uganda Safari driver

Musa “Eagle Eyes” is a qualified and experienced field guide and driver who will ensure you have a wonderful time during your safari through East Africa. Before starting to work with Msafiri Tours, Musa had worked and travelled with many different safari companies, gradually rising through the ranks. Musa is one of our experienced tour guides especially for the safari trips that take you exploring through the hidden gems within East Africa for our tailor- made luxury or volunteering safaris.

Musa is familiar with a wide variety of cultural and historical values within the different communities. With the different relationships he has built along the trail, he will guarantee you an authentic and enlightening experience with the communities as you go along your safari.