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Msafiri tours achievements in Uganda

Back ground:

I was born and raised in Uganda and always had a dream to run a profitable company using the social enterprise model. I wanted to employ local people and be inspired by them to form a company which pushed the boundaries of tourism in Uganda.

Msafiri tours:

Is a Social Enterprise Tour Operator, specialising in Sustainable, Educational, Philanthropic & Experiential Group Travel to Uganda. We work in partnership with inspiring community initiatives across Uganda offering immersive learning opportunities for volunteers, international students & businesses to gain an insight into key global challenges facing rural communities in Uganda -Africa.

Community development, Training, Environmental conservation and Sustainable llivelihoods

  • Over the years, we have arranged and hosted over 600 students in Uganda from various parts of the world.
  • We held hundreds of environmental education and awareness-raising workshops in rural communities in Uganda.
  • We have planted trees and helped reforestation in various parts of the country using our visiting tourists and volunteers
  • With help from our tourists and volunteers we have established and supported many community-based organisations, one such organisation is Suubi Medical centre offering basic medical care to people in Busu Village and 9 nearby villages in Iganga Distsrict Uganda.
  • We helped set up a community self help project poor women who make crafts which they sell to our visiting teams.
  • We supported numerous orphanages and babies homes in Uganda with help from our visiting teams who have practically helped build strictures, paint buildings and carried vast amounts of cloths, books and other resources which have been donated.
  • We have worked with partner organizations to build a school in Busu village in iganga district and in Gulu.
  • We have various students who have been sponsored and helped get education by our visiting tourists and clients
  • We have helped set up a special needs unit in Busu village to help support families and communities who have people with disability


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