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We offer tailor-made medical internships and Uganda medical elective placements, designed to meet the needs of student’s doctors, trainee dentists, student nurses, student midwives, physiotherapists and occupational therapists from UK, USA, Australia, Europe.

Uganda medical elective placements for medical students

Uganda Medical elevtice

Uganda Medical elevtice

We are locally based in Uganda, so we have one ear on the ground and we will look after you for the duration of your Africa medical elective internship for undergraduates. We will organize a genuine and suitable medical elective placement for you in Uganda within a hospital, health centre or other medical care provider, after consultation with you or your team.

Here is what you do on your medical elective placement in Uganda:

Our partners in health provider in Uganda offer pre-med programs and Uganda medical electives which give hands-on experience in various clinical specialties. The program covers everything from the clinical fields of obstetrics and gynecology, peadiatrics, clinical medicine, emergency medicine and critical care, general and orthopedic surgery to the specialties of E.N.T, ophthalmology and radiology.

You may also be able to attend ward rounds when based in a hospital, getting involved in bedside procedures under supervision of local staff, i.e. phlebotomy, insertion of intravenous cannullae, dressing and stitching of lacerations, clerkship at casualty, etc. You may also be able to assist in theatre procedures like abscess drainage, caesarian section, appendectomy, ganglion excision, amputations, laparatomies, palmer abscess drainage, manual vacuum aspirations, bilateral tubal ligation. This will only be possible for people based in main hospitals in Uganda.

What we do for  Uganda medical elective placements and internships for undergraduates:

Uganda Medical elective placements

Uganda Medical elective placements

  • We will give you space and freedom to choose your suitable dates and times for your internship, including location, i.e. rural, city or town based.
  • A Msafiri field manager will work through all the small, intricate details with you and we shall advise you about what to bring, visas, etc. and provide medical placement documentation.
  • We will deal with the red tape and any other stresses that you are bound to face trying to organize such an internship by yourself.
  • We will arrange your transport, food and accommodation during your internship.
  • We work in some of the most pristine and attractive environments in Uganda and there is a lot to do and see. We give you the chance to see the culture and the wildlife at the end of your internship if you wish. This includes excursions, safaris, adventure activities like white water rafting and more.

Contact us now to arrange your Uganda medical elective internships for undergraduates

Medical elective placements in Uganda for trainee nurses

Pre-med student nurses on placement will have various opportunities in Uganda. Trainee nurses will be expected to provide care to the patients in general.

A nurse acts as a basic care provider, comforter and healer for the patients. They comfort patients and provide them emotional support in dealing with diseases. Nursing students will need to have an inherent sensitivity and knowledge to deal with issues related to clients’ health.

Trainee nurses at elective placements work as a teacher and alongside regular staff, guiding patients in managing treatment processes and therapy related to the disease. A nurse promotes healthy lifestyles and makes the patient aware about various steps that the patient must take to decrease the intensity of pain or the after-effects of a disease. In short, nurses interpret medical knowledge for clients in a simple and lucid manner so that the patient can comply with various changes he/she has to make in their lifestyle.

Medical elective placements in Uganda for trainee dentists

Dentist medical volunteering Uganda

Dentist medical volunteering Uganda

Trainee dentists on medical elective placements in Uganda will have opportunity to get involved with the following:

  • Cleaning of the teeth and regular dental check-ups
  • Root canal treatment
  • Treatment of gum diseases
  • Permanent and temporary fillings
  • Full mouth reconstruction with dentures
  • Construction of prosthesis and partial dentures
  • Tooth extractions
  • Veneers and crowns
  • Management of dental caries and periodontal disease in school age children during outreach programs
  • Composite restoration
  • Scaling
  • Intraoral radiographs

Medical elective placements for student midwives

Midwifery students on elective placements in Uganda will have the opportunity to provide both pre-natal and post-natal care to mothers in towns and also in rural based hospitals and medical facilities. They will also be involved in counseling and monitoring the development of the fetus and the condition of the pregnant woman under the guidance of consultants.Trainee midwives on our Uganda medical elective internships will also help parents develop a birth plan that covers how they would like their baby’s birth to go and which medical interventions they would accept and under what conditions.

Medical elective placements for student physiotherapists

Uganda medical placements

Uganda medical placements

There are physiotherapy placements in Uganda and students on this program will have the opportunity to attend to both out-patient and in-patient programs. Students of elective programs together with local staff will also attend to children with cerebral palsy at the hospitals and medical centres in Uganda.

If it is not possible for clients to return to a normal life, physiotherapists assist in their rehabilitation to a full life within the restrictions of their disabilities.

Some of the procedures students will engage in may include:

  • Evaluating the function of the muscular, skeletal, nervous, and respiratory and circulatory systems.
  • Measuring joint range and muscle strength.
  • Testing for loss of sensation.
  • Evaluating the nature of pain.
  • Analyzing patterns of posture and movement.
  • Performing tests of lung capacity and electrical tests of nerves and muscles.
  • Educating communities in a healthy lifestyle.
  • Giving advice on coping with chronic illness.


Before you go Pre-departure support
Uganda Travel & medical advice & documentation
Equipment advice
Discounted medical kit
Free Frontier t-shirt
FREE Frontier TEFL Certificate
In-country Food-3 Meals a day
Entebe Airport pick-up and drop off
All ground transfers & in-transit accommodation
Local orientation & project support
In-country emergency support
24-hour support from Msafiri tours staff3 Day safari and excursions if needed



Flights to Uganda are not included in our trip costs. However, we have partnered with an experienced and professional team of travel experts to help our traveller find the best flight deals for their trips with us. This travel specialist operates in the tailor-made, long haul multi-stop travel market, arranging complex Uganda airfares and transfers for independent travellers.

We recommend that you obtain a quote from them as our partner will offer you the most competitive fares. Please let us know if you need us to supply their contacts


Please see the appropriate Uganda consular website for details. Please note that your visa will usually start on the date that you enter Uganda regardless of when it was issued. Please check with the relevant Uganda embassy or high commission.


You’ll need to buy appropriate travel insurance covering your participation on the project. You won’t be able to go without the right travel insurance so double check to avoid disappointment. Please make sure that you’re covered for the whole duration of your trip in Uganda – from the day you leave the UK or your country of origin to the day you return.

Your insurance should include the following:

  • Medical cover, including medical emergencies and medical evacuations
  • Personal liability
  • Cancellation and curtailment of your trip (up to the value of your project contribution).

You should consider obtaining insurance to cover you for any additional activities which you plan to do during, before, or after your Msafiri tours projects. We recommend that you obtain cover for your baggage and personal effects.


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