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Rabies in Uganda

Rabies in Uganda is a disease which causes acute inflammation of the brain, leading to serious sickness and often death. Rabies can be carried by all mammals and it transmitted to humans via a bite, scratch or lick of an open wound.

There is usually a delay between infection and onset of two to twelve weeks, after which flu-like symptoms start, progressing to partial paralysis, anxiety, insomnia and abnormal behaviours such as paranoia, hallucinations, ending up in delirium and death within ten days.

If you think you have any chance of being infected then you must scrub the wound with soap and sterilise with iodine or strong liquor. Seek immediate medical attention. You will need a course of injections which is very effective.

vaccination against rabies does exist, but is usually only recommended for travellers on longer trips and to areas remote from healthcare facilities, especially for people working with animals. It usually consists of three injections over the course of a month.


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