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Safari flights to Uganda for groups and individuals

Safari flights to Uganda

Safari flights to Uganda

Airports: You will arrive by air, landing at Entebbe International Airport. We shall pick you up from the airport on arrival and drop you back at the end of your visit. We operate comfortable fully insured buses and 4×4 vans which you will use throughout your time with Msafiri Tours.

Airlines: Various services go to Uganda regularly. They include: Air Tanzania, British Airways, Egypt Air, Ethiopian Airlines, Gulf Air, Inter Air, Kenya Airways, Brussels Airlines, South African Airways, KLM and more. There are daily connections from Nairobi. There are also several reputable domestic charter companies to choose from.

Flights: Check in early! Get the seats you want by checking in at the earliest time given by the airline. Remember that you can sometimes check in online or at train stations which serve major airports. If you’re meeting a friend at check-in, go ahead and check yourself in, then reserve a seat for your travel partner to make sure you can sit next to each other.

Hand Luggage: Keep any medication and important papers in your carry-on bag. On long flights with multiple layovers (especially if flying via London, L.A. or other major airports), packing a fresh change of clothes is a good idea as bags may get delayed or lost on long haul, multiple stop flights. You don’t want to end up without essentials even if it is just for a few days.

Packing for the flight: Utilise as many different pockets and bags as possible when packing bank cards, cash, travelers’ cheques and credit cards to ensure you always have access to funds. As well as tying luggage tags to the exterior of your bags, insert identifying information inside.


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