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Safety when travelling Uganda

Travel in Uganda safer now than it ever has been.
Many people, particularly those who have not previously travelled to Uganda- Africa, are scared about safety.
Of course there are certain risks involved in travelling to Uganda, but people who plan well for their travel should be able to reduce the risks

Altitude sickness .

This issues is specific to Mountain Gorilla trekkers or Mountain climbers. .

Road accidents

We have never had fatal accidents involving visitors and tourists in Uganda. We therefore estimate that the chances of being involved in such an incidents are very low because of the professional nature of the drivers and guides we use and their wealth of local knowledge

Large animals.

Many people travelling to Uganda or Africa for the first time are understandably nervous about being  close to potentially dangerous wild animals. However serious injury caused by large animals in Uganda is rare.

We very rarely hear of a fatal animal attack in Uganda. We therefore estimate that the chances of being involved in such an incident are around 1 in 70,000.

Air accidents.

We usually hear of around one fatal air crash every two years. We therefore estimate that the chances of being involved in such an incident are around 1 in 20,000.

Snakes and insects .

We are commonly asked what are the chances of being bitten by a venomous snake in  Uganda, The answer is extremely low. We have never heard of a fatal snake bit to a guest. We therefore estimate that the chances of being involved in such an incident are around 1 in 100,000

On the other hand, the chances of getting bitten by insects is much higher and, if you do not take suitable precautions, the consequences can be just as serious.


Contrary to commonly held pre-conceptions, crime in Uganda is no more of a problem than it is in many other parts of the world. But it is something of which you need to be aware and act accordingly.

On the other hand, hustle is something you are likely to be exposed to at regular intervals on your trip in Uganda, although this tends to be of such an non threatening and even positive and rather charming nature.

You should be able to minimise your exposure to violent attack, kidnap and political unrest simply by avoiding certain areas at certain times. This applies to both the process of planning your trip and to the way in which you behave whilst travelling in Uganda


In Uganda foreigners are treated with great respect. If you stick to sensible neighbourhoods at sensible times of day then your chances of encountering robbery or theft are low.

You need to be aware  that as a foreign visitor you will stick out like a sore thumb in Kampala or any other place where you will be … local people will recognise you for what you are, a rich foreigner( Mzungu- Means white person or foreigner)

So please think twice about carrying valuables in Uganda. Leave your cash in a safe at your Hotel or accomodation. Leave your expensive watches and jewellery at home if you can. Never make an overt display of your wealth, be modest. It is the sensible and decent thing to do

Violent attack.

Incidents of violent attack on foreign visitors to Uganda are extremely rare. Use the same precautions as above. Avoid areas where people may be drunk, such as village beer breweries, bars on a Sunday afternoon, football matches or any other type of fiesta where the regular crowds have subsided and only the worse for wear remain.

Political unrest.

The democratic process does not always run smoothly in Uganda just like other parts of Africa and considerable unrest can arise during elections time.

If you want to be ultra-cautious over this issue, then you can always avoid visiting Uganda during election periods, but a more usual course of action is to simply avoid all political rallies. We at Msafiri tours would be able to advise you accordingly before you book your trip to Uganda with us.


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