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Advice on affordable flights to Uganda:
Msafiri Tours does not independently do booking for group flights to Uganda, but we recommend that you use our tried and tested agency Izzy tours for affordable flights…


Fundraising ideas for East Africa trips:
Here are some proven fundraising ideas to raise funds for Africa trips for school groups, youth groups, mission teams, and individual volunteers:


Uganda entry visa advice for visitors and tourists:
Here is our latest Uganda entry visa advice for tourists, students, volunteers. All British, American and other nationals need a visa to enter Uganda


Kenya entry visa advice for visitors and tourists:
Kenya visa advice for travellers, visitors, tourists and students from UK, USA and other parts of the world


Rwanda visa advice for visitors and tourists:
Here is some useful Rwanda visa advice and information for visitors, tourists, students, volunteers to Rwanda


Learn Luganda phrases online for visitors and tourists:
Learn free Luganda words and phrases online, lessons such as Luganda Adjectives, Luganda Adverbs, Luganda Nouns, Luganda Numbers, Luganda Phrases, Luganda Plural, Luganda Pronouns and more for visitors, tourists,volunteers, students


Save money on East Africa safaris:
Here is our Top Tips to save money on African safari for groups and individuals on tours, trips and excursions


Travel safety advice for visitors and tourists to Uganda:
Is it safe to travel to Uganda? Uganda is one of the safest countries in Africa. There is at present no rebel activity going on within the boarders of Uganda.