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Why chose Msafiri tours?

There are incredibly lots of alternatives for trips to Uganda; however we believe Msafiri is the best for the following reasons:

Small and Personal in approach: As a small team of staff both in UK and in Uganda, we work with each client in an individual way, focusing on personalised itineraries and putting attention to minute details on the client’s trip as we go to selected destinations in UGANDA.

We are driven by a desire to change the world for the better and we’re committed to helping the neediest peoples through tourism. As such, our projects are designed to transfer maximum benefit to our host communities in Uganda in terms of economic and welfare benefits, environmental regeneration, and skills transfer. Our clients ,partners and volunteers share these values and play a key role in promoting our mission to meet the needs and expectations of our beneficiaries in Africa.

One of the ways that we maintain our competitive edge is that our staff come from varied travel professional backgrounds and represent a strategic blend of accomplished skills and experience that produces efficient results for our beneficiaries and high-value experiences for our travelers, volunteers and clients.

Environmentally Responsible: 

We are an environmentally responsible Company and strive to minimise the harmful environmental effects of our operation in Uganda. Further, we offset the carbon emissions of our business travel by encouraging our clients to each plant a tree when in Africa.

Our tours benefit communities:

We sponsor needy children from rural communities where we operate and enable them to get access to education through our Suubi Child sponsorship programme. Suubi Medical centre in Busu village, Iganga district which offers medical care to rural communities is also partly funded by Msafiri Tours

We specialise in tailor made Uganda tour and safari itineraries:

We tailor-make all our Uganda tours and trips, No two groups of Msafiri tours clients to Uganda end up doing exactly the same thing. We do have certain programs which we know work well and we use them often, but we will tailor build your trip to your personal needs and budget.

We pride in local Ugandan expertise and experience:

If you talk tour our Msafiri tours team, you can rest assured that not only do they know Uganda well, but that they are ready and willing to listen to you too. Your interests are paramount to us..

Over the years we have generated the most efficient Uganda tour and safari building techinics and expertise to increase the efficiency with which we handle your Uganda trip enquiry. We work with some Uganda’s best safari – tour guides and experts, people who have actually lived and worked in Uganda all their life, most with years of experience guiding safaris .

We offer Affordable Uganda tours:

Our intention is to deliver the most affordable Uganda tours and Safaris.

We guarantee that a Uganda trip booked through Msafiri tours will never be more expensive than those offered by other companies.

We also want to make sure our Uganda tour or trip quotations to be amongst the lowest priced against other tailor-made Uganda safari companies.
We aim to deliver your Uganda trip within budget, whatever it is, school tour, volunteer tour, medical elective, Gorilla trekking safari, gap-year etc. We help keep your Uganda trips costs by choosing affordable hotels, lodges, using local drivers and guides, using locally resources products and food, varying the dates, taking advantage of special offers and more. If you give us your Uganda tour budget we will always try to provide you with a range of options which can help you spend less on your Uganda travels.

We offer unique real Uganda cultural and safari places:

We consider our primary function to be assisting you in choosing the best and most appropriate combination of Uganda tour or safari experiences and locations to suit you. Getting our clients and guests to the most authentic places in Uganda is the key to our success.


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